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Unconventional success: Kaiser Kawero! Classic Loudspeakers

SoundStage! Network published a great review of the Kawero! Classic loudspeaker. Here are some highlights from the review, written by Jeff Fritz.

"Kawero! Classic loudspeaker is perhaps the most surprising product I’ve had in my listening room in the last few years."

"Rainer Weber […] has a solid understanding of the acoustics underpinning good loudspeaker design."

"I absolutely loved the Kawero! Classic’s overall dimensions of 47.6"H x 16"W x 19.4"D -- especially considering the sound that came out of these things."

"Such precise shaping of the response curve shows great command over the finer elements of loudspeaker design."

"The first time I fired them up, I was blown away. The Kawero! Classic is the biggest-sounding midsize speaker I’ve ever had in my room."

"I don’t mean “biggest-sounding” as in overblown and unrealistic, but “big” in the sense that the Kawero! Classics could do all the things that really big speakers do so well. If you’re a fan of the huge monoliths that capture the hearts and ears of many audiophiles -- the speakers seen in “super systems” at audio shows -- then you must hear the Kawero! Classic in a setting you’re familiar with."

"Put on a recording that you know has ample space around the performers, or that casts a huge, wall-melting soundstage, sit back, close your eyes, and prepare to be amazed." 

"The sound was simply huge, both in dimension and gravitas, and took me aback immediately.

"Listening to it through the Kaiser Kawero!s was mesmerizing.

"The Kaisers effortlessly cast a stage that expanded the walls of the Music Vault -- both to the sides and front to back -- and completely immersed me in the music. The speakers were soundstaging champs in regard to overall breadth, and to making performers of all types sound realistic in scale, and weighted just right in the context of other performers around them."

"The operative term was big -- these speakers were like the ant carrying a huge leaf: the sonic heavy lifting they were doing in my room seemed impossible for anything their size."

"The other aspect of the Kaisers’ sound that added to the effect of realistic scale was their bass response. "

"There was a woody quality to stringed instruments that invited me right into the music. The highs were not overly prominent in the mix, but nestled just perfectly within the body of the sound."

"The sound was clean and powerful, even propulsive. More important, it was satisfying, in the way that big speakers satisfy man’s primal instinct to occasionally rock." 

"There was no hint that I was listening to two disparate driver types. In fact, the Kaisers “disappeared” into the soundstage."

"The Kaiser Kawero! Classic loudspeaker is just the ticket for someone who wants big-speaker sound in a package that will fit in spaces big speakers just can’t go. Big speakers -- the really good ones -- cost big money. The Kaisers cost big money, too, but nowhere near six figures."

"The Kaisers sound simply huge, with none of the negatives you might think that implies."

"There are times when you just want to kick back and relax into a massive soundstage, letting the music wash over you from seemingly every direction. You want to feel the power of music in your chest, while letting the highs caress your ears with subtle but detailed sound. You want to occasionally open your eyes and be amazed that the beautiful yet modest structures in the corners of your room are doing all that and more. If this experience sounds like one you want -- and what audiophile doesn’t? -- I recommend you go hear a pair of Kaiser Kawero! Classics. And definitely hear them before you buy something that your spouse will say dominates the living room, and that might cost even more."

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