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Unexpected Free Gift from LessLoss during BlackGround 10x Power Base Early Bird launch!

Dear esteemed clients,

First, we have a few FAQ's here for you regarding the BlackGround 10x Power Base Early Bird launch.

Including a welcome surprise from LessLoss, so read on below!

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Q: When will you be ready to ship the BlackGround 10x Power Base?

Good news: The 10x Power Base is scheduled to be milled as early as tomorrow. Since it is out of our hands (outsourced milling), let's call it end of this or early next week. Then we are directly off to the lacquering shop without delay. We'll do everything in our power to order it as an extremely urgent priority job. Still, at least three days of drying are involved between the several coats and processes, so let's call it half a week (maybe optimistic?). We are well prepared to assemble here at LessLoss, as BlackGround modules are being manufactured constantly. We'll need three days for epoxy curing processes. In general it appears we are looking at about two weeks given smooth operation. Life can bring the unexpected. We really want to get these done and into peoples' hands as quickly as possible, and all efforts are going toward this.

Q: What's the terminal for at the back of the BlackGround 10x Power Base?

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

It is for future expansion. If you use the BlackGround 10x Power Base at first for power conditioning only, this terminal can be disregarded. One power cord does the trick. However, for future expansion to the realms of speaker line conditioning and line signal conditioning, this terminal will come in handy as you won't need an additional power cord for each of these new conditioners. It will suffice to run short grounding cables from one to the other and they will all share the same ground potential coming from the 10x Power Base's attached power cord through these terminals.

Pictured above is a standard speaker binding post being used as such a terminal, but we have decided to custom lathe our own. And instead of only one which accepts both spade and banana type connectors, we will make ours accept only banana type connectors and there will be two of them. They will be of highly polished brass and will resemble miniature trumpet-like bells protruding slightly out of the polished, lacquered wooden enclosure. It will be unique and elegant!

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Q: What power cable should I use with it?

Now about the needed power cord for it. We have not announced this yet, but here goes!


LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

New product? YES! We have developed a new C-MARC™ power cable!

The new C-MARC™ power cable will be just like the existing one, with only one difference. It will have a conductive cross section not of 4.6mm^2 (like the current cable) but 2.3mm^2 per line. So the braid of three lines will be a little bit smaller. Above image shows this difference. The larger one is the current C-MARC™ power cable. The smaller one is the new one.

This new C-MARC™ power cable is called C-MARCPrime.
Price: TBD exactly. (Around half of the existing C-MARC™ regular power cable.)

The idea here is that the BlackGround 10x Power Base does not consume current. Nothing heats up inside, and so the ultimate purpose of the power cable is not to provide power current, but just the real-time power voltage. As such it is seen as a 'waste' to spend big investment into the large current carrying capacity feature of our extremely laborious design. Nevertheless, the C-MARC™ technology is very pure and silent, and this because of the dual fractal balanced braided structure the cable is comprised of. This same dual fractal principle still holds true, even when made with fewer strands overall.

This will still have positive effects over and above "normal" power cables of standard type (whether shielded or not). You know how it goes: everything in an audiophile sound system influences the sound to some degree. So with this new power cable we still get the benefits of C-MARC™ without the unnecessary expenditure for extra current carrying capacity we don't particularly need in this specific voltage-only application. (There is no dynamic response to speak of since there will be no load for it.)

Free stuff!

I can guarantee you that when you purchase the 10x Power Base during the Early Bird launch period, we will include for you this power cable free of charge! If you have already ordered, please simply write me the length that you would like to receive. It can be 1m, 1.5m, 2m. Just choose whatever will work best in your setup. If you plan to order, email me on [email protected] and we'll integrate this into your Early Bird order!

Q: Where best do I connect the BlackGround 10x Power Base into my system's power?

You'll be able to connect the 10x Power Base to any wall outlet with great results, but it'll be likely better to plug it into the distributor feeding the system itself. This means it is closer electrically to the rest of the system, which is a good thing. If your system features multiple power distributors, we always recommend connecting to the one feeding the source gear first and foremost.


Q: I'm on the fence. Without asking outright, please give me that push I need.

You'll undoubtedly be deeply impressed by the boost in performance. The clarity, perfection, deep background blackness -- all this will be amplified to such a degree you'll be shaking your head in disbelief, most likely by the first minute. We ourselves found it incredibly fascinating when we realised that when connecting a pair, then two, then three, then four, then five, it was not as if we could perceive any diminishing returns in performance! Unbelievably, it just gets better by the same degree each time. With each addition, it was obviously noticeable and very welcome to the ear, heart and soul. With 10 of the BlackGround modules built into the 10x power Base, I cannot imagine any scenario where it would not be an instant, no-doubt-about-it keeper.

Sven Boenicke of Boenicke Audio tried it and said: "this is a psychedelic experience of dramatic magnitude." Whereupon he is quickly drawing up plans to include it in many products.

Q: Any reviews lined up?

Yes! Rick Becker writing for Enjoy The Music online review magazine is scheduled to receive the first BlackGround 10x Power Base for review this very day.

Q: Where can I learn more?

You can follow the R&D and thought processes which led us to first the Blackbody ambient field conditioner, and now to the BlackGround module in a series of pages we have published here (Blackbody - some 13 pages) and here (BlackGround). We try to be as thorough as possible in describing the experiments and lessons learned in order to advance our art. Enjoy!


Louis Motek |