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Watch our first early production video!

Dear esteemed customers,

The pre-order arrangement for the new Firewall module is running smoothly. People are continuing to sign up, which lowers our risk and at the same time raises our responsibility toward you. We don't take this lightly, for big expectations can also lead to big let-downs. So we'd like to share with you some of the action taking place here.

Would you like to come behind the scenes and see some of our production process? We assembled a short video to show workshop progress on the Firewall module production.

LessLoss Firewall

Click here or on the above image to watch the video.

We're also working on professional photography at the moment. A device this effective also needs to look the part! Once that is up on our website I'll let you know.

New review of the Homage to Time interconnects

LessLoss Homage to time

Please enjoy some highlights from russian language audio equipment review magazine

"Homage To Time is strongly influential, and really helped ensure the correct transmission of the LessLoss commitment to rhythm and tempo."

"And these are unlike other cables, which put the emphasis on attack and simplify complex "tails" and retract from subtle reverberation, or try to convey to the listener an exaggerated sense of detail, but are unable to combine these into a single musical event, where music is perceived as a properly cooked meal with a perfect balance of ingredients. With Homage to Time, there is no unnecessary pressure on the midrange, nor too emphasized is the treble, nor is bass bloated."

"Across the frequency spectrum a great detail is retained, but no one area is dominated nor attracts undue attention. If you are used to cables that supply music with "special effects," initially you will always miss something in the sound."

"However, if within a few hours you revert to your favorite spectacular cables in your system, believe me, you'll be surprised how you did not previously notice how severely they distort the rhythmic pattern of the music. Moreover, this applies to both the direction of acceleration and deceleration. In contrast, the LessLoss Homage To Time is perceived as riding behind the wheel of a well-balanced and finely tuned car, after a hard race in a barely controllable Towncar with already run-bald tires. The music does not throw you into a fever, nor does it lull you to sleep; you just get pleasure from the process of listening. All events begin and end in rhythmic time, without emphasis on any of the phases. Eventually, your consciousness begins to accept the reality of the illusion created by the system, as you gradually sink into a contemplative, but at the same time moderately alert, state."

"With the Homage to Time interconnects, no restrictions could be detected, whether in dynamic response or in the transfer of the subtlest nuances. Comprehensiveness on fortissimo is excellent. Nothing escapes the attention of LessLoss."

"Rating: perfect sound, outstanding neutrality, high quality manufacturing"

"Using LessLoss Homage to Time interconnects, don't count on any coloration, but they will completely reveal the talents of your system. If it is good, the incorporation of LessLoss Homage to Time interconnects will make it even better."

Louis Motek  |