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Your greatest bang/buck ever, now unleashed! LessLoss BlackGround 6x Power Base discounts, perks and benefits start NOW! Details below.

Dear esteemed clients,

You'll be happy to hear that if you either missed our original 10x Power Base promotion (or were for any reason priced out at the time) the lower priced 6x Power Base production has now begun and is in full swing!

To maximize your benefit, we're starting a new Early Bird launch promotion right now!

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

Max benefits!

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

To get this great, almost magical, quality boost into as many hands (ears) as possible, we're offering these multi-tiered benefits in exchange for your adopting it today!

(Benefit #1) You will now get 394 USD slashed off the price. That's a 16.75% instant discount off of the new 6x Power Base.


(Benefit #2) You will now get a C-MARCPrime power cable at your needed length, absolutely free of charge! That's a 486 USD value, raising your savings to 394 + 486 = 880 USD!


(Benefit #3) If you take part in the Early Bird promotion, you will be locked in, indefinitely(!), to a future upgrade credit of the 6x to the 10x unit at 100% retail value. Normal upgrade policy here at LessLoss is 65% credit towards upgrades. In this case, that would mean upgrading the 6x to 10x unit would be 3942 - (2350 x 65%) = 2414 USD expenditure. Now, if you take part, any future upgrade of yours will be locked in indefinitely to only 3942 - (2350 x 100%) = 1592 USD, which is another 822 USD saved!

Adding it all up

Together, all three benefits after upgrade, any time, add up to total savings of 1702 USD! This is easily the best deal LessLoss has ever extended, especially at this level of jaw-dropping performance boost. And if you go through the 6x to the 10x later, you get this experience not once, but twice!

Even if you already have a 10x Power Base, this deal is going to take your audio performance to palpable 'time travel' levels you never thought possible!

So give it a shot before the Early Bird promotion ends!

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

It's easily the simplest thing you've ever installed. You set it down, anywhere really, you hook up the power cord, and you're done. In the next couple of days you will hear things you never imagined possible. The 'listenability' increases 6 fold (or 10 fold, later, with upgrade). Don't just take my word for it.

What have people been saying?

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

"The BlackGround's before/after was dead obvious. [...] a bona fide invention."
– Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

"It does something on the reach-out and communication level which is magic."
– Sven Boenicke, Boenicke Audio

"Like magic. The BlackGround 10x Power Base is Voodoo supreme."
Rick Becker,

"Since installing the BlackGround 10x Power Base I have experienced an irresistible desire to sit down and listen to more music, as well as more types of music. ...consistently sucks me into each performance. Kudos to Louis and his team."
– Joshua Wright, customer

"Now, the piano sounds real!"
– Felix Fechner, customer

"the BlackGround is the single most efficient item in the LessLoss arsenal for removing unwanted noise/artefacts from our systems."
– Rene Fechner, customer

"It was probably the best upgrade for my system compared to all components, even the ones from LessLoss."
– Joerg Meinhardt, customer

"Honestly, I wasn't expecting the BlackGround to make a big difference in my system. Boy, was I wrong! Background instruments are much easier to hear with more realism. It made my system more engaging to listen to."
– Greg, customer

"Elimination of background noise. Not dead but lively. Transparency greatly improved. Microdynamics hugely improved. Whole range much faster. Deeper and wider sound stage. Vocal just more presence and intimate, in your room feeling."
YW, customer

"My first thought was: surely, I'm hallucinating! I've read all of the reviews for this product, both professional and user. They all ring true, not one seems like hyperbole."
– Richard Stanton, customer

"These changes were not subtle at all and improved SQ beyond my expectations. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm gobsmacked!"
– Mac Finney, customer

And many others in great appreciation.

What if, for whatever reason, I don't wind up liking it?

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

No worries. We have a return policy tailored to allow you up to a month to let you become fully acquainted and to see for yourself how it integrates.

When does the Early Bird end?

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!

Again, no worries. We will make the announcement here on this Newsletter with ample time for you to accommodate.

Having said that, it will certainly be shorter than out last few releases, as production is now streamlined and we generally end promotions once we have managed to create and maintain reasonable stock. We'll stay in touch with you by Newsletter for any important announcements!

Head on over to our BlackGround 6x/10x Power Base page to take advantage of the BlackGround 6x Power Base launch promotion, starting today! You'll love the results and the savings, too!

6x Power Base New Product Launch Early Bird offer!


Louis Motek |