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30 statements about the new DFPC Reference

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Recently, the new high performance DFPC Reference skin-filtering power cable has been reviewed in several magazines. Our products have presently over 217 independent reviews from all over the world. We are happy to share 30 recent statements made in the press about the new DFPC high performance skin-filtering power cable. Go to our press reviews page for more details and links to the actual reviews. Don't miss the private commentary page either, where there are over 200 impressions from our personal customers from all over the globe.

DFPC Reference awarded and on the radio in Hong Kong

The DFPC Reference was recently honored with the Editor Award from Mono and Stereo magazine (Slovakia). Hong Kong radio station DBC states that never before had they experienced such superlative sound quality from a power cable, and will be running a series of radio broadcasts showcasing their use of the DFPC Reference.

LessLoss DFPC Reference

30 statements about the new DFPC Reference

(1) "I have vast experience listening to a variety of cables and this one is definitely unique."

(2) "In a way, the sound quality of the DFPC Reference reminds me of EMM Labs products. In demanding complex passages, the sound never becomes congested."

(3) "This is what I hear. First, this cable is well balanced. Second, it is very quiet. Third, the midrange is exceptionally detailed. It is not thinned out, not bloated, but just perfect. These are the outstanding features of this product."

(4) "Using the DFPC Reference with headphones for hours upon end, I experienced no listening fatigue. On the contrary: the more I listened, the more I was captivated by the sheer amount of pure detail and involvement."

(5) "At this price point, it represents great value."

(6) "They made more difference to the sound than any other electronics change I'd made over the years."

(7) "...filters noise with absolutely no dynamic restriction."

(8) "The instruments and the space around them have a finer level of definition in terms of both physical dimension and sonority. They are simply more there, present and physically real."

(9) "The DFPC Reference cord clearly conveys more of that physicality, and hence more excitement and musical pleasure."

(10) "There are additional sonic clues with the Reference cord, rendering the delicate sound of the vibrating glass with greater detail and a more radiant sense of presence. Simply gorgeous."

(11) "The LessLoss DFPC Reference cords are the finest I've heard in this system."

(12) "The perceived spatial reproduction is world class."

(13) "The music is smooth as silk, and at the same time the lowest frequencies and soundstage are incredibly deep and beautiful, and extremely dynamic. You can play louder than usual, and without any listening fatigue."

(14) "The whole band is completely detached from the speakers and almost slipping on and around the listener."

(15) "The LessLoss DFPC Reference cable performs with a fantastic perspective and a deep and absolutely musical sound that is extremely beautiful and addictive. Silky smooth sound, paired with great dynamics and a wealth of details. It is the cheapest power cable in this test, but at the same time the one with the greatest "enjoyment factor" in terms of price. Buy it, it's simply amazing! World class!!"

(16) "It is a pleasant surprise that the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cord offers both transparency and dynamic potency impressively. We're talking here not about jumping one or two steps upwards, but a whole flight of stairs in one step."

(17) "In my numerous demonstrations, even to the most die-hard skeptics, the result of insertion of a DFPC power cable brought such an obvious shift in performance, that it changed their firm beliefs instantly."

(18) "Louis Motek and the LessLoss team managed to bring both the DFPC Signature and Reference cables to the level where real Magic happens."

(19) "The LessLoss Reference will add the authority of a higher order with everything even more in line. More right, more spot on and with more bloom that recalls a truly lifelike event."

(20) "The new LessLoss DFPC Reference builds upon the established achievements of the DFPC Signature series with serious, undeniable impact. This type of performance allows originally recorded nuance to come through like never before."

(21) "In my previous review of the DFPC Signature, I didn't award the cable with a dedicated title, and I always felt I should have done so. But this time I'm being assertive: the Mono & Stereo Editor Award goes to the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cable. Why? Because it clearly represents a new threshold for established performance norms and brings out a level of performance that you'll be hard pressed to find, either at this price range, or even at several multiples thereof."

(22) "The textured detail is increased without introducing listener fatigue. Even the general musicality, especially in the deepest bass articulation, is improved. The performance does not suffer despite the filtering effect, and remains perfectly intact."

(23) "The music seems to come from outside the headphones. The result is very natural and pleasant, very similar to a power conditioner while being much less cumbersome."

(24) "The most worrying thing is that usually when power supplies are filtered, dynamics is cut, but with the LessLoss DFPC Reference, this does not happen, and the dynamics come though at their best."

(25) "Their construction is really good, and, in spite of their thickness, are flexible and easy to handle."

(26) "These cables will significantly improve the performance of your digital source in the first place, but they also work really well on the amp, without sacrificing dynamics."

(27) "The LessLoss DFPC Reference power cables are the best we've ever tried."

(28) "The DFPC is the cable with which I can demonstrate real and instant change in a most easy and direct demonstration. Even non-audiophiles can hear the obvious difference. There's no listener prepping or special training needed. An instant shift in performance change is perceived."

(29) "...pure electrical power fluidity, transparency and stressless impact. Not many power cables are capable of being such a transparent medium."

(30) "The actual possible illusion of certain recorded musical events being not envisioned but in fact materialized is what separates the countless shiny offerings found on the market today from the very special ones which do indeed deliver the 'magic'. The new LessLoss DFPC Reference builds upon the LessLoss DFPC Signature series with serious, undeniable impact."


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