Audiodrom publishes in-depth review of 22 different power cords including the LessLoss DFPC Original

November, 2009, author: MJ - PW
The Czech audiophile magazine Audiodrom features the LessLoss DFPC Original in a large power cable review (22 cables). The article deals with affordable high end power cables from a selection of manufacturers.
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AVRev reviews the LessLoss DFPC Original

June 2009, author: Roger Coakes
"After powering up the system, I was immediately taken aback. I would equate it to the first time I hooked up a proper DAC to a sound system..."

"I was rather shocked that my wife could even hear the difference, a gracious woman that sighs in desperation every time I pull her into the room to listen changes after replacing a piece of equipment."

"It's surprising to find cables of this caliber at such an inexpensive cost, compared to their competitors."

"I can easily recommend the LessLoss DFPCs as a necessary upgrade for any audiophile seeking more dynamic sound, preferably replacing the power cables for every audio component in their system."
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