Russian press names DFPC "without peer"

July 2015, author: Alexander Chechelev
"The effect of using LessLoss DFPCs in our systems is so clear and palpable, that it frankly seems improbable."

"In most other cases, their impact on the sound is barely noticeable or ambiguous at best, but here no one had any doubts about the benefits of the use of these cables in the system."

"Already during our very first listening session it became apparent that the improvement in sound quality covered all possible aspects - the stage depth, the clarity and articulation of the bass, the clear focus of various sound source images, etc."

"Indeed, compared with traditional filtering circuits, one doesn't feel a loss of dynamics, and the rate of attack does not suffer."

"The concept and implementation behind the LessLoss DFPC definitely works."

"This is a rare case of competent implementation of the original technical solution. It really helps to improve the sound quality of the system."

"Never before have any of us encountered power cords which were so effective that our entire jury was unanimously positive upon evaluation."
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DFPC Original: Outstanding Product Award!

April, 2015, author: Danny Worth and Dominic
"extremely well made and solid in construction."

"flexibility of the cable is very good"

"[the sound] really came to life conveying intricacy and naturalness."

"vocal was on the money with a great range of tone."

"violins and cymbals were very palpable"

"the cables didn't restrict spacious decay bringing a sense of realism that was clearly noticeable."

"Bass notes were full and allowed for the large lower end to be truly conveyed with all of its masculine weight and extension which never over-shadowed the sultry vocal."

"The Originals seem to strike this wonderful balance where gritty meets sultry, rough meets smooth and tight meets loose."

"a balance which I could refer to as very universal"

"extremely easy integration into most systems"

"refinement increased allowing for upper end micro details and micro dynamics to become more apparent and bass notes had more information."

"the upper bass registers had more definition and detail."

"great value for money"

"good tonal balance."

"will wow the listener"

"a truly fantastic cable at a very reasonable price"

"My bottom line is the DFPC Originals are the baby of the line but what they may lack in ultimate refinement and detail retrieval they more than make up in musicality, balance and flexibility of synergy with equipment and music alike."


As the cable under review here has achieved a score greater than 8.5 out of a possible 10 marks, our policy at Hifi Pig is then to forward it to another reviewer.


"My first impression of the sound then can be encompassed within only one word - SOLIDITY. From that first note onwards everything sounded solid and complete, wanting for nothing obvious in the sounds I heard. The sound seemed almost constructed of granite, so that the shape of notes was defined within an envelope that had textures and layers within too, with the power and weight that should be there, was there, yet never once excessive or overblown, with not a trace of overhang or muddling."

"It was that same absence of overhang that gave the impression that the music had slowed down, because once the bass note ceased, I was greeted by a swift silence between the notes so the end of one note and the commencement of the next seemed longer because of that brief pause. That silence was indeed 'silent', as background noise just wasn't there, a dark quiet that shows the cable itself isn't introducing hiss or hum into the system."

"Kick drum was recreated accurately and I could clearly tell if a soft or hard face was being used on the beater, with the weight and power of the strike easily discernible"

"I found the treble to be very natural and organic which is my own personal preference, rather than being spotlit and etched sounding"

"Cymbal strikes had a crisp metallic "ting" to them with the decay shimmer of the instrument heard clearly and the high hat was very easy to follow with any genre of music, particularly so with high energy or frenetic rock music which often drowns out this instrument."

"The mid band too was also a pleasant organic natural sound, so female vocals were clear and uncluttered, soft and beguiling with soft undertones easily heard. Male vocals had the throaty bass growl where needs be and in particular Mark Knopfler's voice had it's gravelly texture as it should"

"The Lessloss cable left me in no doubt that all the sounds were present and correct."

"guitar plucks, strums and finger work on the frets was recreated with startling reality and I could clearly distinguish between steel and nylon strings on his guitar, with the rich tones of the instrument's body also shining through."

"There was never a clash either between drums and guitar, so the whole performance remained cohesive and very easy to listen to."

"allows the system to perform at its best."

"It really is a product that you set to its task and it will quietly and efficiently give a solid uncluttered sound without drawing attention to itself"

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DFPC Original: Dynamics remain perfectly intact

February, 2015, author: Matteo Turotti
Test setup includes:

Sources: PC with Jmedia River, Exasound E20 with Teddy Pardo power supply, Yulong D200, Ratoc RAL DSD2
Amplification: 2x Questyle CMA800R, Schiit Asgard, Eam Lab Element 202
Headphones: Sennheiser HD800 and HD650, Hifiman HE500, HE560 and HE400i, Audeze LCD-X
Loudspeakers: Kef LS50

"The improvement is immediately recognizable and very distinct on both DACs used."

"The detail increases while not fatiguing the listener. An improvement also occurs in musicality in general, especially in the deeper bass and articulation."

"The dynamics, despite the filtering, do not suffer compromises and remain perfectly intact."

"The soundstage is clearer and the effect is most obvious. The music seems to come from outside the headphones. The result is very natural and pleasing, very similar to a line conditioner while being much less bulky and does not present the disadvantages of the cutoff frequency."

"The most worrying thing is that usually when power stages are filtered, dynamics suffer as well, but with the LessLoss DFPC Original this does not happen and the dynamics are played at their best, even with the powerful 250W Eam Lab Element 202 amp."

"The result obtained with the entry level DFPC Original power cables is close to that obtained with the Reference Series while not quite reaching its peak performance, but considering the much lower price, we can say that the quality/price ratio is superior with the DFPC Original."

"The LessLoss DFPC Original are excellent power cables, while costing much less than the top of the line Reference, offer excellent performance and the opportunity to try the unique technology of choice at a much better price."
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