DFPC lifts system performance by substantial magnitude

July, 2014, author: John Darko
"The DFPC Original is a better cable in both construction and sound."

"Up went tonal colour, down went lower-treble glare."

"The LessLoss cable also introduced greater depth separation."

"By far the most noticeable improvement was more obvious - and better - bass. Or rather, greater prominence of acoustic mass across the board was more readily apparent in the lower frequencies."

"Better revealed textures up and down the frequency spectrum."

"More mass and density better secured music's foundations - a lower centre of gravity was now at play."

"String-plucked transients weren't as overtly strident."

"Switching power cables from LessLoss back to vanilla on DAC and amplifier took music several steps backward to something a little more tepid, less micro-dynamically interesting and thinner."

"First hand experience with the LessLoss DFPC cables swiftly erases the healthy skepticism with which I greeted this assignment."

"The magnitude by which these power cables collectively lift system performance has me reassessing the notion that money should first drop on interconnects and loudspeaker cable."
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High End News says DFPC Signature sets new standard

February 2014, author: Ari-Martti Pohtola
I did not believe that one could get that kind of sound just by using one measly power cable."

"Ordering the Signature power cable turned out to be one of the best moves I made during my 25 years of audiophile experience."

"I think it is the only power cable at this price level that combines all of these virtues within one solution: speed (as fast as Nordost, but at the same time more relaxed), a beautiful midrange (better than my old Siltechs), excellent top end (better than any other power cable I have tested) and as quiet as the best power cables I have tested."

"With the DFPC Signature you really achieve this synergy of smoothness, relaxedness, and even more vividness into the sound. Actually, not a hint of aggressiveness was noticed."

"From all of the combinations, the Signature connected directly to the wall gave the best sonic results."

"The DFPC Signature [direct to component] did remove even more noise, and the result was overall better resolution. The mid-band became very relaxed and pretty, the highs were the most natural I have heard with any other power cables, and gone was the aggressiveness some of the other 'fast' sounding power cables introduced to my system earlier."

"...exceptional products that really help the serious audiophile achieve the best their systems are capable of."
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