Mono and Stereo publishes LessLoss Firewall review

April 2012, author: Matej Isak
"What surprised me most upon using the LessLoss Firewall was the change. With the Firewall inserted before the passive power distributor, it felt more like adding a preamplifier rather than a power conditioner. Gain, fluidity, a blacker ground, dynamics, and a sense of space all seemed added. Something natural happened. Everything had more to do with the sense of an analog feeling of reproduction."

"The sense of space and depth of the music entered into a new positive realm."

"What avidly stood out was the grain-less sense of music and event. Articulation, timbre, pace... Everything worked and clicked more realistically."

"I can authoritatively sum up that the addition of the LessLoss Firewall to my reference system has been a prolonged study in neutrality."

"Dynamics, a natural timbre, and a prolonged sense of space were as they should be, and as a scholar and classical musician himself, he confirmed my impression that the bloom, articulation and liveliness were distinct merits and not mere colorations."
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Mono and Stereo publishes preview of the LessLoss Firewall

February, 2012, author: Matej Isak
"The impact from the LessLoss Firewall is far beyond from what I expected."

"It feels like adding a new preamp to the system, rather than dealing with "just" a power filtering product."

"Music entered into the room with a huge pace and a pompous step, knocking down the doors of perception. It is bigger and better, but not in typical Hollywood style."
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