Mono and Stereo publishes a review of the LessLoss Blackbody

August, 2012, author: Matej Isak
"As with my prior experience with the LessLoss Firewall, I felt that the change upon introducing the Blackbody was in the same league."

"The real change that the Blackbody brought forth was evident within a few moments. It was an instant reminder of LessLoss's recognizable clarity and focus."

"Somehow the LessLoss Blackbody brings about so-called "blacker than black" backgrounds. The sense and pace and of atmosphere surrounding the music adopted an even more coherent believability at moments."

"I'm finally seeing a flame flickering with hope when it comes to digital audio and the Blackbody contribution here is a positive revelation. None of the tweaks I made so far managed to bring out the music from the DAC as did the LessLoss Blackbody."

"It should have dawned upon me earlier to try the Blackbody with my Tom Evans phono stage and pickup. I loved the change almost as much as I did with my Lampizator DAC!"

"More music happened in what I recall now as correct pace and rhythm."

"This is a device which carries out an inherently important task that is often overlooked or not even acknowledged to exist."

"The Blackbody can help in dealing with near-field EM interaction and elevate the performance to levels way above the expected. And with an already refined chassis, you can always add the Blackbody to achieve realms of quality unimaginable before."
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The Audio Beat reviews the Anchorwave loudspeaker cable

June, 2012, author: Tim Aucremann
"The impressive low-frequency weight that I heard during break-in held true across all contexts."

"Bass through the Lamm M1.2s was the best I'd heard from their pairing with the Sashas: deep, hefty, tonally informed and well controlled."

"Performers and instruments were presented with a solidity that left no doubt about their place within the soundfield."

"Harmonics and overtones were generally excellent, particularly so in the mid to lower registers."

"Nicely extended highs gave no sense of brittleness or etch."
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The Audio Beat reviews the Tunnelbridge distortionless interconnect system

June, 2012, author: Tim Aucremann
"The market churns out new models on a regular basis, requiring differentiation from all the other cables, and feasts us with a diversity of coloration."

"I can't help wondering if cable design has been stuck in a bubble, waiting for a breakthrough. Louis Motek, the director and chief designer for LessLoss Audio, thinks recalcitrant problems could just as easily be characterized as questions asked in the wrong way, while the mere fact that there are so many different-sounding cables strongly suggests that many of the right questions have not yet been asked."

"I have listened to this LP for almost 25 years and heard hints of these effects, but nothing prepared me for the sonic carnival I experienced through the LessLoss loom."

"I sensed performers fleshed out with body and movement. Steve Gadd's work on the hi-hat was exquisite, as I easily heard the tonal and dynamic difference between his touches on the cymbal's bell and its edge. Wherever I cast my ears, they reveled in fine-spun detail."

"With the orchestral depth clearly laid out before me, my ears could roam easily across contributions from sections and soloists, and then pull back to the whole -- just as I find myself doing in the concert hall."

"The psycho-acoustic sense of presence coupled with musical vibrancy and performance virtuosity delivered the kind of concert-hall experience that makes all the equipment fuss and bother worthwhile."

"With no further distraction from equipment, I put down pen and notepad to revel once again in this vibrant symphony. Here was what it's all about -- when the music made the stereo go away."

"Not expecting cables to do what the LessLoss did, I was surprised at the overall increase in detail."

"Overall, the LessLoss presentation was more palpable and dimensional, with better separation of instruments and an overall heightened sense of 'you are there' in the performance space."

"If it makes sense to imagine the elimination of cable variables from the menu of sonic choices that confront the modern audiophile, LessLoss has laid a path to that end."

"It redefined my expectations for audio signal cables."

"I am confident that the LessLoss loom will bring your system a step closer to its capacity for musical truth."
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Stereo Times publishes three-reviewer investigation on the Blackbody

March, 2012, author: Clement Perry, Dan Secula, Mitch Moreno
After an entire year of investigation in various systems, three independent reviewers at Stereo Times publish their long-term findings in a three-part review titled "Life with the LessLoss Blackbodys."

"Via the Blackbodys, the music just came through with a new sense of harmonic wholesomeness I had not experienced from any other tweak."

"I sat in amazement for hours listening into the wee hours of the morning."

"The music was at once purer: totally devoid of grain or strain."

"I noticed Kaplan expected to hear something positive. What he didn't expect was anything this powerful and resoundingly obvious. The look on his face within seconds of playing a familiar track was all I needed to know about the Blackbodys' effectiveness here in this highly tweaked setup. "...what the f*%@ is going on?"

"Bass sounded quicker and lower than it had any right to be via this old pair of Apogees."

"The music took on greater contrast and appeared more lively."

"The Blackbodys impart purer tones and harmonics: qualities the single-ended lovers and vinyl enthusiasts claim their wares are most prolific at, while hitherto was near impossible to yield from solid-state and digital devices."

"You do not have to own the best of everything in order to achieve state of the art performance. The LessLoss Blackbodys are a testimony to that. Though not cheap they do as advertised and have taken my listening pleasure to a level I could not have believed prior to their installation."

"Once you get a grasp of its power, it will challenge everything you thought you previously knew regarding noises and other contaminations in and around components."

"I'm now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that capturing the ultimate sound may be in our grasp by virtue of tweaks and not that shiny new $80k amplifier or loudspeaker."
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Mono and Stereo publishes LessLoss Firewall review

April 2012, author: Matej Isak
"What surprised me most upon using the LessLoss Firewall was the change. With the Firewall inserted before the passive power distributor, it felt more like adding a preamplifier rather than a power conditioner. Gain, fluidity, a blacker ground, dynamics, and a sense of space all seemed added. Something natural happened. Everything had more to do with the sense of an analog feeling of reproduction."

"The sense of space and depth of the music entered into a new positive realm."

"What avidly stood out was the grain-less sense of music and event. Articulation, timbre, pace... Everything worked and clicked more realistically."

"I can authoritatively sum up that the addition of the LessLoss Firewall to my reference system has been a prolonged study in neutrality."

"Dynamics, a natural timbre, and a prolonged sense of space were as they should be, and as a scholar and classical musician himself, he confirmed my impression that the bloom, articulation and liveliness were distinct merits and not mere colorations."
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AVShowrooms.com publishes Video Review of LessLoss Cables

March, 2012, author: Robert Grossman
In a series of five edited videos, Robert Grossman, principle librarian for the Philadelphia Orchestra, bassoon player, and lifelong audiophile, shows us how his system evolved and how the LessLoss DFPC Signatures and Anchorwave cables helped him achieve the best sound he's ever heard.

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Mono and Stereo publishes preview of the LessLoss Firewall

February, 2012, author: Matej Isak
"The impact from the LessLoss Firewall is far beyond from what I expected."

"It feels like adding a new preamp to the system, rather than dealing with "just" a power filtering product."

"Music entered into the room with a huge pace and a pompous step, knocking down the doors of perception. It is bigger and better, but not in typical Hollywood style."
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Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Recommended Components Award

February, 2012, author: Marek Dyba
Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema awards Recommended Components Award to the LessLoss DFPC Signature and Anchorwave Interconnects and Speaker Cables
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LessLoss DFPC Signature and Anchorwave Interconnects and Speaker Cables review

February, 2012, author: Marek Dyba
This review is in the Polish language. We will have an English translation available shortly.
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