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BlackGround Early Bird Launch pricing is now Live!

Dear esteemed clients,

Early Bird offer is now LIVE!

LessLoss BlackGround

We have enabled the Early Bird purchasing feature on the updated BlackGround web page!

Early Bird pricing announcement

For a limited time, you can get 20% off your first BlackGround unit!
Use discount code: LL89 with any order.

Furthermore, during the launch we will automatically ship you additional free BlackGround units:

Order 4, and we'll be sure to include 1 unit for free, totals 5 shipped!
Order 8, and we'll be sure to include 2 units for free, totals 10 shipped!
Order 12, and we'll be sure to include 3 units for free, totals 15 shipped!

You will also enjoy quantity discounts 5 to 10% on top of that.

Pre-orders are coming in already, and we have 100+ units already built, so it looks like the lead time will not turn out to be all that long in most cases. Specially ordered packaging materials have not yet arrive but are scheduled to any day now.

LessLoss BlackGround

We've already been contacted by reviewers wishing to schedule reviews, people interested in DIY projects and of course Blackbody v.2 owners wishing to integrate BlackGround into their setup. Thank you for all your questions in the meantime. We knew that clarifications would be needed as this invention is like no other in its implementation and performance!

Some things still not quite ready

We have two items in particular which will be announced and made available for purchase at a later date, possibly early next week. These are:

- The RCA splitter for accessing an unbalanced signal voltage for use with BlackGrounds:

LessLoss BlackGround

- The specially made custom Jumpers for close-as-possible BlackGround inter-connection:

LessLoss BlackGround

These will be low cost and available to be purchased separately from the BlackGround itself.

We look forward to your projects!

A reminder

For those not wishing to get involved with power voltages, what with building enclosures to protect fingers from high voltages, we will be soon making and offering for sale the exquisite all-in-one, plug-and-play BlackGround 10x Power Base, so keep an eye out for when we show it assembled pretty soon!

LessLoss BlackGround

See previous Newsletter for more details on this exciting new product!


Louis Motek |