DAC 2004 MkII

This product is discontinued. This is an archived page.

We created the best possible sound we could, and then added options as far as that was possible without compromising the base solution which was distilled from all known solutions to be best. We went through them all as depicted on these pages.

The discussion does not lend itself well to extreme simplification, and therefore please bear with us while we do our best to explain all the ins and outs of digital technology as understandably as possible.

The DAC 2004 MkII and its Digital Options

The DAC 2004 MkII only, with constant Superclock out 11.2896, 16.9344, and 33.8688 standard, switchable via internal jumper.

1F Wordclock output option to the DAC 2004 MkII to achieve 44.1 kHz Word Output via internal jumper. Wordclock output multiplier x2 option to achieve 88.1 kHz via internal jumper included in this option:

Addition of second internal oscillator to the DAC 2004 MkII. This gives you constant Superclock output switchable to: 12.288, 18.432, and 36.864 MHz. With this option you can achieve 48 kHz (1F) or 96 kHz (with the x2 option above). Alternatively, we can add a second internal oscillator with Superclock output switchable to 8.192, 12.288 and 24.576 MHz. (No 48 kHz Word Out with this option.)

Internal selection logic for Oversampling Complete Bypass (DF1706 bypass) option to the DAC 2004 MkII. This gives you a completely Non-Oversampling DAC design.

Internal Asynchronous Upsampling circuit using the AD1896A upsampling chip. Option to the DAC 2004 MkII. (If you need 1F Wordclock, then this feature will not run when the DAC 2004 MkII is in Charge mode.) The Upsampling frequency can be various, according to which oscillator you order. The range is from 88 kHz to 210 kHz. Find out more.

The external USB to S/PDIF converter including the USB cable. Find out more.

The addition of the Distortionless Volume Control Option to the DAC 2004 MkII. Find out more.

Completely handmade, hand-soldered, hand-assembled, tested, and personally cared for, the LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII is an almost completely non-distorting masterpiece of sound electrical engineering. It is the best our knowledge allows us to create.