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DFPC gets another outstanding product award; new Laminar Streamer videos

Dear customers,

I'm happy to announce that the DFPC Original has won an outstanding product award from

LessLoss Review HifiPig

Among the many positive comments published were:

"Allows the system to perform at its best."

"It really is a product that you set to its task and it will quietly and efficiently give a solid uncluttered sound without drawing attention to itself."

"refinement increased allowing for upper end micro details and micro dynamics to become more apparent and bass notes had more information."

"good tonal balance."

"will wow the listener"

"a truly fantastic cable at a very reasonable price"

Purchase the DFPC Original (595 USD including international shipping) here. reviews the Firewall module

LessLoss Review 6moons

6moons writes:

[On the C13/C14 version:] "Despite their added funky connector junctions, I'm very clear that their benefit was exactly like a first pair of mild reading glasses. Time to go four square or rather, four in series over just two. And indeed, the same quality or attribute moved more into the foreground. I'd call it crispness were it not for hifi lingo's reflexive tie-in with sizzly treble and spot-lit transients."

"Imagine driving in inclement weather as your car window begins to subtly fog over with condensation. One press on the defog button and a few seconds of strong cold air blowing straight up at the windshield render the scenery patently crisper. Think of the LessLoss boxes as our hifi equivalent for such cold strong air and what it does to subliminal condensation."

"It removes a stain the other power-line detergents and bleaches don't get at."

Get more info on the Firewall module and its implementation here!

The next review of the Firewall module will come from Mono And Stereo online review magazine.

We made a few videos to showcase the Laminar Streamer's build quality

There has been a lot of talk from us about Panzerholz and vibration absorption. We have even published calibrated studio measurements of the intrinsic vibration absorption of Panzerholz when compared to aluminum of same dimensions.

Yet, perhaps you are still in doubt about what we mean, and how this pertains to audio playback performance.

To make it absolutely clear what it is we are talking about, we made this little video to bring you closer to the understanding we have arrived at during 10+ years of research in these matters.

There are plenty of little tweaks out there to upgrade the sonic performance of existing audio gear, but none come even close to a thoroughly engineered solution from the ground up, striving for ultimate performance from all angles of consideration. One such angle is the issue of micro-vibration avoidance in the realm of electronics. Without a mature solution in this regard, even the best electronic engineering will result in but mediocre overall performance in an actual critical listening setting. Measured charts and graphs will tell you everything the language of bench measurements can convey, but take a look and listen to this video to get an idea of real-world performance once the lab work has been faithfully exhausted.

LessLoss Video

But that's not all. There is more to be told!

The critical viewer will have noticed in the above video that no base reference to the item striking the objects has been made. As such, the video above still does not faithfully convey the level of performance we are dealing with. It only compares the performance of some gear to others.

In order to come closer to a true understanding, we need to mentally subtract the self-resonance of the item striking the objects. For this, we made another short video so you could hear the self-sound of my bones!

When you subtract this self-struck sound from the sound the Laminar Streamer strikes make, you come to a more fundamental realization of the sound coming from the Laminar Streamer, which is not much!

Then, bear in mind that we are on a wooden floor, something which we forgot to protocol separately as well. The lower frequencies you hear are from the floor, and the higher sounds come from my bones, as you can tell. Subtract the two and you have the sound of the Laminar Streamer's case.

(You will notice that for this second video the sound is turned up 12 dB higher than for the first. This was done in an interest to keep me from breaking my bones!)

LessLoss Video

YouTube only gives you an idea. Take the real recorded files for real reference!

Whenever you upload anything to YouTube, YouTube's servers apply their own compression and conversion algorithms to suit their streaming needs. They do change the audio quite dramatically, even if you listen to the 1080p version, which is still converted and manipulated with.

You can download the original sound files, of much higher quality, at the bottom of this page, for free!

Enjoy the videos! We wish you the best possible audio quality.

Louis Motek  |