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Firewall 640x launch begins now, in three stages!

Dear esteemed Customers,

A big Thank You goes out to all who have responded with their concrete or tentative plans for upgrading to the new high performance Firewall 640x family of products. The response has been excellent. As a result, we now have a clear vision for the magnitude of the production job lying ahead. Our goal this time has been to make sure we are in plenty of stock before releasing each one of these new products. Zero lead time means maximum joy for everyone involved.

Order of events with regards to release

(1) We'll first offer sale of the Firewall 640x DIY version for self-installation.

(2) Then we'll release the sale of the new Plug-and-Play Firewall 640x, during which time we'll also offer custom upgrade offers. (Remember, once everything is mutually agreed upon, shipping both ways is covered by LessLoss, a service obviously more than welcome in today's worldwide epidemic. You won't even need to leave home.)

(3) Finally, we'll announce availability of the Plug-and-Play C-MARCFirewall 640x and again will organize upgrade offers for each of you on an individual basis.

Entropic Process lies at the heart of the new Firewall 640x

LessLoss Firewall

All new Firewall 640x versions will feature the award-winning Entropic Process made instantly popular in the form of our Firewall for Loudspeakers product. This same technology has since been extended to our C-MARCEntropic Process power cables as well as the C-MARCEntropic Process loudspeaker cables. This is a powerful production technology which, while time-consuming to implement, results in overwhelmingly positive results "straight out of the box!" It really only gets better from there.

Releasing the first of three now!

We now open the flood gates and have made the new Firewall 640x DIY version for self-installation available on our web shop. If you can solder and enjoy tinkering and upgrading your own equipment, this is a truly revolutionary high performance part you will definitely not want to miss! This relatively small part easily outperforms power conditioning devices weighing like a ton of bricks and breaking backs and banks.

LessLoss Firewall

This advanced high performance part is exactly the same one we are using inside the Plug-and-Play units.

Get yours now right here for only 320 USD, International shipping included!

How is it made?

LessLoss Firewall

The Firewall 640x is made using advanced precision 3D laser sintering technologies. Learn more about it here!

How big is it?

LessLoss Firewall

Download the spec here as a PDF file.

How is it to be connected?

LessLoss Firewall

Download the installation instructions here as a PDF file.

Extending the most mature LessLoss technologies to the DIY community

Also available on our web shop, you can now, at less than half the price of the Plug-and-Play version, purchase the Firewall for Loudspeakers as a stereo set of four units for self-installation directly inside your speakers! The most profound sonic upgrade for speakers since the dawn of phase-matched drivers!

LessLoss Firewall

Price: 200 USD each (800 USD / stereo set of four units)

Get yours now during our launch!

Expected Lead Time

What? Lead time?! No lead time! :) We are now in plenty of stock and ready to ship out daily!

LessLoss Firewall

We ship Monday through Friday. All shipment are fully trackable courier shipments, and average delivery times are only 2-3 days!

Order your Firewall 640x DIY version for self-installation and Firewall for Loudspeakers DIY version for self-installation and we'll ship without delay!

Further news on the availability of the hardwood enclosed Plug-and-Play versions coming soon. We are actively engaged in their production as you read this.

Thank you for following the latest news from LessLoss.

LessLoss Firewall



Louis Motek |