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Laminar Streamer first public appearance at Audiogourmet!

Dear esteemed customers,

We have plenty of news for you this time, so here is a short list of what is found below in this Newsletter.

(1) Soft Launch of the Laminar Streamer
(2) LessLoss at the Audiogourmet show
(3) New prototype cables
(4) LessLoss custom Studio Electric T3 loudspeaker
(5) USB Firewall Key Enhancer in production
(6) Bindbreaker feet in stock
(7) Firewall 5X in production again

Laminar Streamer Soft Launch

LessLoss presents the new Laminar Streamer Direct Drive SD Card player November 11-13 at the Audiogourmet show in Vilnius. This is our most ambitious product to date. Built absolutely from scratch, including every line of code for the purpose-built LessLoss Direct Drive OS, down to the heavyweight Panzerholz and steel structure made in Austria and Germany. Show attendees will be able to see and hear the Laminar Streamer in action!

Laminar Streamer studio photo shoot

We will soon update our website with new studio pictures of the Laminar Streamer. We'll let you know when the new high resolution pictures are online.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

The Laminar Streamer features LessLoss Direct Drive OS, custom built for the very best digital audio performance. SD Cards which contain .wav or .aif files can be played by this system. Other digital formats cannot be played by this system due to the additional processing they require, thus adding noise to the outcome.

The operating system can be updated by downloading the new version from the internet and placing the file onto an SD card, then inserting the SD card into the Laminar Streamer.

The price for the Laminar Streamer has been set at 91,191 USD and includes international shipping within its custom moulded shipping crate. Dealer inquiries are welcome. A special offer will be made at the show for attendees only.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

The Laminar Streamer's heavyweight Panzerholz & steel design perfectly expresses the sonic virtues of smooth and authoritative sound quality. Virtually no resonance whatsoever is found at any point of the device.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

Outputs include S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and I2S. An expansion port is foreseen for a future remote control station, whose electrical contacts are optically decoupled to ensure no noise enters from there to the sensitive circuitry within the Laminar Streamer.

LessLoss at Audiogourmet 2016 and 2017

As you know, LessLoss doesn't maintain stores. However, we do enjoy showing at industry events. On this occasion we are showing November 11-13 at the Radisson Blu Conference Center in Vilnius.

Audiogourmet Website

We assembled a very high performance system which we are selling to any first show attendee who wishes to purchase the entire system at 45% price reduction. The idea is "pick it up yourself at the show." If you would like to take the offer, here are the details:

Laminar Streamer – the exact unit you see and hear at the show: 99000 EUR. If exporting outside the EU, minus VAT of 21%, 81818 EUR (91181 USD).

Discount if you purchase the Laminar Streamer at the show in Vilnius, under the condition that you also purchase the entire system set up for the show and you pick it all up yourself immediately after the show: 45%, 81818 EUR – 45% = 45000 EUR (50494 USD).

  • Source: Laminar Streamer: 99000 EUR incl. VAT. Export price minus VAT of 21%, 81818 EUR (91181 USD)
  • D/A Converter: Echo's End discrete resistor with integrated 3 stacks of 9X Firewall modules: 4756 + 4385 = 9141 EUR (10013 USD)
  • Passive 24 position discrete volume control regulator in its own enclosure, hand built by LessLoss: 1450 EUR (1626 USD)
  • LessLoss 110 Ohm Digital Cable, 1.5m length: 618 EUR (695 USD)
  • 2 stereo pairs of new generation, yet unannounced, flexible RCA cable, ~1m and 1.6m in length: 2000 EUR (2242 USD)
  • 1 stereo pair of new generation, yet unannounced, flexible speaker cable, with spades attached, 2m: 1000 EUR (1122 USD)
  • 2 mono amplifiers made by “MA Akustika” in Lithuania for 230V operation, 90 Watts of power each: 2904 EUR (3257 USD)
  • One custom power distributor with 18 integrated Firewall modules and six Schuko power outlets, wired with new generation, yet unannounced LessLoss hookup wire: 3635 EUR (3984 USD)
  • 5 newest generation flexible power cords, yet unannounced: 5000 EUR (5608 USD)
  • 1 stereo pair of Studio Electric T3 loudspeakers, custom made for LessLoss, Ebony, African Padauk, Copper sphere: 18695 EUR (20971 USD)
  • 9-12 units Bindbreaker vibration control feet: 1154 EUR (1296 USD)
  • 5 Plinths custom made of plywood and matched in color especially for this system.

Whole system price (without Laminar Streamer): 46369 EUR (50814 USD) – SALE “Pick it up yourself!” = 25503 EUR (27947 USD)

Whole system price (with Laminar Streamer): 128187 EUR (142622 USD) – SALE “Pick it up yourself!” = 70503 EUR (78442 USD)

New prototype wire and cables

For years, LessLoss has been working on raising the bar on quality while doing everything in our power to crunch the price. A new generation of cables has been long in the works. At the show, we will offer a sneak peek at the new technology and will use these new technology cables in the show system. The performance is absolutely breathtaking.

We'll be showing the building blocks of the new cable design. It all starts at very small dimensions, and what works at small dimensions is grown into the cable's final size without introducing any sonic compromise along the way.


Above you see a standard sized pencil next to what is actually a sixteen strand wire assembly made up of a balanced number of 8 enameled strands turning to the right, and 8 enameled strands turning to the left, and these being inter-woven into the braid you see pictured. Out of this base material is created the new generation cable, a cross section of which is depicted below:


The black insulating material you see is 100% natural cotton fibre. Here is a picture of part of the build process which shows how the cotton is untied from the assembly before removal:


We'll be displaying 37 posters at the show which show all steps in the build process of attaching one connector. This will help the public understand what time and effort is put into achieving the best possible sound we can today:


These cables are yet prototypes and are not yet ready for market, but they are fully functional and help the public envision to what degree we are moving ahead in terms of audio fidelity. We will also feature a dissected model in physical form so that people can get a hands on impression of the technology involved:


This particular model features 192 individually enameled strands. Here they are dissected to show their organization in the system:


Although the model shown contains 192 strands, the power cords made for the show will have a total of 456 individual strands and will be made of multiple concentric layers.


This new wire from LessLoss features two-scale fractal replication of mutually superposed counter-twisted cores. This enhances the mutual cancellation of inductive twists, which are completely balanced in this design. The noise drops to record lows and the music comes through without any coloration.

The strands used in this new wire are covered with thinnest technically possible colorless lacquer layer. There is no plastic throughout; instead, the cable is constructed from tightly braided 100% natural cotton fiber with double coverage for added protection. This results in a very lightweight, highly flexible, naturally sounding product with today's best performance characteristics for delicate audio applications. This is the future of LessLoss.

LessLoss custom Studio Electric T3 loudspeaker

LessLoss has custom ordered from loudspeaker designer David Macpherson a unique version of his Studio Electric T3 loudspeaker featuring custom drivers and a dome enclosure. The acoustical benefits of dome enclosures are well known but seldom created due to their complexity of build. It can also be argued that such solutions seldom look classy enough to fit a real-world home decor.

LessLoss specified the loudspeaker be built not painted, but with Ebony veneer, not standard maple, but African Padauk tweeter enclosure, not chrome, but copper sphere, and not MDF, but premium plywood housing. The result is a loudspeaker which the designer himself said was the most beautiful he's ever made.


These loudspeakers have no 'box' sound at all. Music emanates from them as if from the acoustical source itself. This is due to the lack of nodes and refractions on the inside of the round enclosure. It is a pure pleasure to listen for hours and hours as these small loudspeakers fill the room with natural acoustic energy.


In fact, when you get up and walk around outside of the sweet spot, it is remarkable how even the midrange continues to sound. True, the highs will decrease as they are beaming from the tweeters, but the overall acoustic remains absolutely believable, just as if you would get up and walk around a string quartet or a grand piano, with just as much conviction that there are indeed 'musicians playing in your room.'

Also, it will be easy for the buyer to transport the speaker from show because they are being sold along with their professional flight cases which have wheels and handles built in.


USB Firewall Key Enhancer in production

We have begun shipping the USB Firewall key Enhancers.

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

The Enhancers connect four USB Firewall Keys in a special configuration and bring out the very best from USB audio.

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

We are working hard on production now that we have all the parts needed on location. They are looking very fine!

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

Since we are soon going to have fulfilled all orders, this is your final week to place a pre-order if interested. Please write to me if you have questions.

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

Once we are in stock the pre-order period will end and the price as published will remain in effect.

At the show, we plan to use two Enhancer sets with a total of 8 USB Firewall Keys.

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

Funny thing we noticed recently. Upon connecting a second USB cable between the computer and the enhancers, we realized that isolating the Enhancers from the computer actually increased the audio quality. One would have thought that the implementation of yet a second USB cable would have degraded the quality, but this was not the case. We put the Enhancer assemblies onto a board of wood, and that board of wood onto three Bindbreaker feet. The sonics got better and the noise got even lower. This goes to show how so very often our assumptions are misguided and that when we try things out, we can be surprised by the outcome.

Bindbreaker Feet in stock and ready for delivery to you now!

We are now successfully in stock of the Bindbreaker feet. Much respect and thanks are due to the industrious gentlemen who worked out the innovative Bog Wood creation process.

LessLoss Bindbreaker

You simply have to try out the Bindbreaker if you have not yet done do. It is a truly effective solution and not just one of those "me, too" products.

LessLoss Bindbreaker

Check out our user reviews for pictures of Saffier Brull's awesome turntable project (175 kg!) which now proudly implements the Bindbreaker feet after three years of trials to find the best foot solution, and 10 years of development.

Firewall 5X in production once again

After a hiccup in production, we are now able to create, stock, and ship the 5X Firewall modules once again. These are fantastic products which belong in every good system. Treat yourself to a 5X Firewall module upgrade. We offer superb conditions. Just ask and I'll be more than happy to support you!

LessLoss USB Firewall key Enhancer

Louis Motek |