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Laminar Streamer Looks

Dear audiophiles,

Chances are you are male. If not, you can still gain from this.

Recently a woman commented on these snapshots of the Laminar Streamer assembly. She exclaimed, "Beautiful! It doesn't even matter what it does! It is gorgeous!"

This should be good news to those of you considering integration into your own system. After all, a source is usually placed atop a system in a conspicuous place. And, with unconditional moral support like the above, it appears the visual design has already begun its magic. Can't wait for the aural ratification as well… still working on our own final proclamations, in which it will indeed matter "what it does." But in this regard our own grins are broadening readily.

Enjoy the photos.

Laminar Streamer

Laminar Streamer

A brief history of almost everything that went into this device.

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