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LessLoss Releases New DFPC Reference high performance power cable

LessLoss announces the new DFPC Reference high performance power cable, the crowning achievement of three years of intense development, opening new horizons of sound quality!

What's new in the world of Skin-filtering

Each LessLoss Skin-filtering grade marks audibly significant improvements in performance. The DFPC Original [595 USD] uses Grade 1. With just this technology, many customers insist that their stand-alone power filters are no longer needed, and often that comparing with a DFPC reveals that their previous filter imparts an undesirable flavor to the sound.

The DFPC Signature’s [1149 USD] Grade 2 Skin-filtering requires a more extensive processing of the conductor. It involves a unique utilization of pigments in a specialized in-house prepreg process. This achieves more attenuation of wide-bandwidth HF noise and results in an even cleaner sound as the true nature of the signal is better revealed above an even lower noise floor.

For three years we have been refining Skin-filtering Grades 3 and 4, found only in the new DFPC Reference [1824 USD]. Here, we not only implement all steps involved in the production of the DFPC Signature, but, in addition, carry out several more crucial steps in the processing and assembly of each cable. This level of attention to detail and performance places this cable in an entirely different category. Each DFPC Reference undergoes half a month of controlled steps in production. Assembly alone takes 12 hours of scrupulous labor. There is much more than meets the eye in this product, with performance to match.

Performance results

The performance now offered by the new flagship LessLoss DFPC Reference power cable excels in many aspects. Fine details of musical expression now take on an even more organic nature, as system noise drops to unprecedented, vanishingly low levels. Profound insight into the audio event is thus gained. The marriage of a musician's expression and physical technique, the intimate world of human breathing and personal interpretation of harmonic structure, phraseology, and melodic direction, are revealed accurately as never before.

Now we can experience not merely the text value of the notes, but the underlying emotional journey of the music. No album becomes long. We are finally at the point where intimacy of experience comes standard, regardless of recording epoch. Indeed, at least for me, even the popular notion of 'antiquated recording formats' now raises some unexpected questions of its own.

And there's perhaps an additional playful domestic side-effect hidden in all this: as you feel the urge to turn it up a couple of notches into territory your system has never gone before, she will no longer feel compelled to concurrently conduct contrived business in town, nor to seek an outlet at the local coffee shop! See? Good electricity can indeed nourish our fine sense of balance and harmony. You'll know it when you hear it. :) Enjoy!

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