Features Overview

This product is discontinued. This is an archived page.

The LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII features the following main design attributes:

  • Distortionless Volume Control Option Available
  • Parallel multibit converters, not the inferior sigma/delta type.
  • Hybrid power supply: two rechargeable batteries in balanced configuration, independent filtered power for digital.
  • Two galvanically isolated grounds, one for digital, one for audio.
  • Unrivalled, non-traditional ultra-low-jitter oscillator with superclock (256F) output.
  • 192 kHz sampling rate supported.
  • Built in automatic battery charger.
  • Over 400 Parts, all top of their class.
  • Unusual handcrafted topology.
  • Practically immeasurable cross-talk between components.
  • Jitter suppression via multi-staged(*) synchronous re-clocking.
  • Separately filtered and regulated power supplies to each individual power leg of each microchip.
  • 4.5 cm signal path from analogue signal source to external audio jack via solid silver conductors.
  • Customizable.
  • Laser-engraved stainless steel and aluminum housing.
  • Faceplate available in black or silver.
  • Introductory Price: 2995 Euros, at your doorstep.

What the DAC 2004 most definitely is:

  • Completely handmade, hand-soldered, hand-assembled, tested, and personally cared for.
  • An almost completely non-distorting masterpiece of sound electrical engineering.
  • The best our knowledge allows us to create.
  • Extremely underpriced as a method of marketing without running high debt.

What the DAC 2004 most definitely is NOT:

  • Mass-produced.
  • A trendy and well-marketed piece of average quality audio gear.
  • Distributed through distributors and resellers, raising the price.