Sampling Rates

This product is discontinued. This is an archived page.

In SLAVE mode, all Sampling Rates up to 192 kHz are supported.

In MASTER mode, the typical Sampling Rate supported is 44.1 kHz with 33.8688 MHz or 16.9344 MHz outputed to the clock output for slaving a CD player to the device. However, upon user special request, we will accomodate all of the following sampling rates:

  • 44.1 kHz
  • 48 kHz
  • 88.2 kHz
  • 96 kHz
  • 176.4 kHz
  • 192 kHz

Full 24 bit resolution is supported at all frequencies.

Digital Deemphasis is supported at 44.1 kHz and at 48 kHz.

If the unit detects a different signal other than standard audio PCM input, such as Dolby Digital or dts, then the unit automatically mutes. These formats are not supported.