Holistic Philosophy

This product is discontinued. This is an archived page.

The entire LessLoss CD Playback System consists of the following:

  • LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII with Volume Control Option
  • LessLoss S/PDIF digital coaxial cable
  • LessLoss Digital Clock cable
  • C.E.C. TL-51X transport, in slave mode to DAC 2004
  • LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power Cables
  • LessLoss Firewall Power Filter

This is a lot of stuff, and all of it has only one goal. The goal is preparing the perfect conditions for the mono PCM 1704 (obsolete) converter chips which were the most technologically advanced and expensive to have ever been created. These have never been utilized to their full potential, until LessLoss created the DAC 2004 MkII.

The circuitry of the DAC 2004 MkII is already created with the goal in mind to annihilate all possible Jitter, which is known to be the primary source of distortion in digital equipment. However, this is not the end of the story when seeking the ultimate of all ultimate solutions.

One must at this point view the entire digital playback system holistically, because every other component or cable has influence on the sound as well. Most of this is Jitter related. It is brought about by induction into cables or by feeding power into the gear which contains high frequency noise.

The LessLoss system is completely noiseless, and on this silent backdrop is capable of bringing forth the most pristine analogue signal from the digital domain. We do not offer anything which is viewed as an accessory. Although we strive to lower costs for our customers, they will always find the LessLoss solution to bring about the very best results possible. Other solutions, be they filtering devices, power cables, or digital cables, will always leave something to be desired. That is why our best offer is the holistic offer -- where each and every component works in tandem to yield the very best possible performance of the conversion process itself. And when this is done properly, there is absolutely nothing 'digital' left in the sound, and one is free from any listening fatigue. Relaxation and pleasure remain the final emotions experienced. Forgiving amps and loudspeakers are no longer needed, as there is no harshness to round out.

At this level, instead of fine-tuning a sound, one simply rejoices in having perfect focus on a dark and silent background.

One of our favorite reactions so far has been "I cannot tell whether my equipment is on or off. I am no longer even concentrating on that. My mind is now free to completely savour the music, which is all I ever intended to do in this hobby from the start. Thank you so much for your achievements, Liudas and Vil!"