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Revolutionary new Blackbody v.2 product

Dear esteemed Customers,

If advancement in our art is of as much interest to you as it is to us, we have some news for you!

LessLoss Blackbody

We have published a new six-page essay on the pending Blackbody v.2 product.

It is quite extensive and quite the opposite of 'clickbait' in character

LessLoss Blackbody

It will take you about an hour to read, and perhaps three or four hours to fully appreciate if you also take the time to watch the linked YouTube videos you will find there.

We put a lot of work into this, because we know this product will raise many questions. We do not take this lightly, because so much toil and sincerity has been invested, and the questions must be answered.

So please, do not simply skim through this material, but set it aside and find the time to fully delve into this final frontier of the most influential foundation to pristine reproduced sound quality today.

LessLoss Blackbody

Release date, pricing, and Early Bird offer are pending.


Louis Motek |