C-MARC™ Stellar Power Cable: "I was rather surprised"

April, 2024, author: Srajan Ebaen
"the connectors clamp down like pit bulls."

"very pliable."

"Proper cable routing won't require a planning degree."

"sound quality dove still deeper into greater immediacy."

"more luminosity."

"higher charge, energy, enunciation and separation."

"The Stellar cords now shifted my textural needle a few degrees deeper into speed and illumination"

"I was rather surprised"

"greater motility and overall aeration"

"a very particular lit-up directness."

"if money were no issue, these leashes wouldn't return"

"In a high-resolution context, even small reductions in residual system noise can manifest as sonic advances. This particular noise isn't audible per se like a minor ground loop, transformer hum or power-supply surf emitting through a tweeter. Rather it's bat-sphere stuff which intermodulates or 'echoes down' into the audible band. Wherever capable noise killers manage to clear away some of that bat crap, we hear just a bit more micro detail. Nearly invariably that's about recorded space being better illuminated by very low-level reflections between and behind the images. It also moves more subliminal upper harmonics out of the noise floor. That overtone illumination generates more timbral diversity. Individual instruments and singers sound more not less different from each other. Finally there's a sense of flow or breath. That creates continuity or cohesion at the same time that greater resolution sets up more separation. When music rides more obviously on the real breath of singers and woodwinds or the microdynamic bel canto of other instrumentalists emoting with nuance–cellists can be ace at that–we invariably gain persuasiveness."

"Playback feels more human, less mechanical. Compared to my darker heavier thicker residents of less nuance, these were the shades of pastels the visiting Stellar cords played with in my hardware context."

"It gives more insight for less volume. Put differently, there's no need to fight with any obliqueness of darkness and its many manifestations. Just turn more light on.
Not bad for a pair of 'just' power cords, innit?"

"the Stellar range-topper would seem perfect for that first link between wall and power distributor. Now it will benefit all kit which hangs off the outlet expander to multiply the cost/performance ratio and spread around the luv of lower noise and higher resolution."
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