Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Asynchronous Reclocking
  2. I2S
  3. Output Stage
  4. Error Correction vs. Jitter
  5. Slaving Computer Soundcards
  6. Battery for Digital Schematics?
  7. Stacking Multiple Converter Chips
  8. Benchmark's UltraLock
  9. Digital Filtering
  10. One-box CD Players
  11. Synchronous Reclocking
  12. Jitter Sources
  13. Large Buffer
  14. Disbelief in LessLoss
  15. A/D Converters
  16. Sampling Rates


Do you also make A/D converters?

LessLoss Reply:

Although we have made custom A/D converters in the past for quite a few recording studios and individuals, we now concentrate all of our effort on perfecting the D/A process. During the course of our work with digital audio conversion, it has become painfully obvious that the quality not yet achieved by high performance D/A conversion by far outweighs the quality not yet achieved by high performance A/D conversion.