LessLoss Firewall AC Line Conditioner

October, 2008, issue #189, author: Marty DeWulf
"For those of you that have already purchased LessLoss power cords, you know what this conditioner sounds like - It sounds like the power cords - but on steroids. Bring to mind every good thing that you like about the sound of the power cords, then multiply it by twenty, thirty, whatever. This conditioner imparts to your AC all the clarity, transparency and dynamic life that the cords impart, but more... much more."

"In terms of sonics, it's in a class of its own."

"The theory and concepts behind this design are new and in many respects revolutionary... there is nothing like it."

"It is new, truly new and based upon a different concept of power line filtering. It looks at everything from a different angle. Liudas hasn't restructured the laws of physics, he's just using them in a different way."

"The Firewall imparts a wholeness to the music through a window of pure transparency."
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Stereo Times reviews the LessLoss DFPC

September, 2008, author: Russell Lichter
"Both of these cords are stunners in my stereo; and I could readily understand someone favoring the BTB [now DFPC (mini)]. I did myself, at first. But with more listening I inclined to the DFPC."

"In light of the astronomical prices being paid for audiophile power cords, anyone in the market would be doing themselves a disservice not to audition one or both of these remarkable cords from LessLoss."
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Dagogo reviews the LessLoss DFPC

August 2008, author: Ed Momkus
"I first tried it on my Lyngford RP-1. The improvement was very obvious – I want to say phenomenal."

"This was a cable that had it all: body, speed, dynamics, microdynamics, bass and treble extension, absence of glare, etc."

"It is a product that would typically fit in the $1200 to $2,000 range but which sells for $569 on the LessLoss website, including shipping. This is an absolutely superb value."

"Anyone who buys these at the current regular $569 will have one of the best cables available at any price. Even if you later find some $3,000 power cables that suits your taste a little better, you will never want to sell these cables because there will always be a component which will be improved by using the LessLoss on it. Buy them."
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Stereo Times reviews the LessLoss DFPC

August 2008, author: Russell Lichter
"But when I installed a pair of LessLoss Dynamic Filtering AC Power Cords (DFPCs) to my monoblock Bel Canto REF1000s, I immediately heard a stunning difference. What I had considered impossible suddenly was not only possible, but perfectly obvious. If I'd installed a new multi-thousand dollar DAC or amplifier and heard this level of improvement, I'd consider it well worth the money. What I mean is, there were major improvements, in clarity and detail and dynamic range, in, above all, that elusive quality called presence."
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From Bound for Sound, Issue #182

November, 2007, author: Martin G. DeWulf
"I challenge the honest hearted audiophile not to hear a difference once one [LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power Cable] is placed in his or her system. Even modest systems benefit from this most extraordinary power cord in ways that are undeniable and imminently audible by even the most tin eared amongst us."

"The LessLoss power cord somehow strips the music of layers and layers of artificiality and electrical artifact leaving behind the music while revealing the quality of the componentry itself. In some cases it's like seeing the wood grain for the first time. This cord works well in all applications."
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From Bound For Sound Issue #177

May, 2007, author: Martin G. DeWulf
"nothing short of groundbreaking in its performance"

"I was knocked out"

"Within the first few moments of the initial audition it was clear that this cord was indeed something special. The determination of different, and than "better or worse" had proven to be easy and almost immediate."

"The pure and fundamental improvements heard upon insertion of the LessLoss were very real and perhaps worthy of the proclamation of "the best ever." And it was very exciting."

"The elation of hearing a power cord make the kind of positive improvements heard"

"Oh, Man! The clarity and precision was unheard of. And without a single negative. Dynamic expression had been unleashed. The Big Rig had become something better, more musically truthful than any system I had ever heard...anywhere...anytime."

"They are superbly constructed with a three wire braid and beautifully polished terminals. Superbly high class in every way. My feeling right now is that the LessLoss is the best power cord made regardless of price. And I don't know anyone who has auditioned and tested more power cords than I have."
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