Bound for Sound praises DFPC Signature performance, issue #197/198

December 2009, author: Marty de Wulf
"[Louis] has done it. This new power cord from LessLoss is substantially improved over any power cord I have ever heard - it's materially and substantially better than his [DFPC Original], whcih was basically better than any one's cord already."

"[Louis] has done something special here; he has taken his power cord beyond the realm of previous power cords, and into those areas of power conditioning previously reserved exclusively for the most advanced and expensive AC line conditioners. To my ears, his Signature cords, all by themselves, are doing to the AC what the best re-generating AC line conditioners and large battery packs have done in the past, and maybe a little more."

"The new Signature eliminated what grain there was (something that I hadn't noticed until it was gone), stripped the musical landscape of artificiality induced by electronic noise, and added solid meat to everything from the upper bass on up. It is truly the finest cord in my experience."

"This new Signature cord strikes me, however, as having broken through another barrier for power cords in that it does many of those things that I have never before associated with power cords. Cords in the past made improvements, though they tended not to be dramatic improvements. The new Signature is the king of dramatic."
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Audiodrom publishes in-depth review of 22 different power cords including the LessLoss DFPC Original

November, 2009, author: MJ - PW
The Czech audiophile magazine Audiodrom features the LessLoss DFPC Original in a large power cable review (22 cables). The article deals with affordable high end power cables from a selection of manufacturers.
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Audiophilia.com grants the LessLoss DFPC Signature the Audiophilia Star Component Award

October 2009, author: Martin Appel
...praise for their high performance, neutrality and low price: "It is without doubt that the LessLoss Signature power cords must take their place in the top echelon of power cords."
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Audiophilia.com reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

October, 2009, author: Matin Appel
"It is without doubt that the LessLoss Signature power cords must take their place in the top echelon of power cords."

"These are the most transparent cords I ever had in my system. It seemed as if all the music was coming through without any confusion or muddying. All the parts were more crystal clear than ever."
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Audiodrom publishes introduction to an indepth review of 22 different power cords including the LessLoss DFPC Signature Series

October, 2009, author: MJ - PW
The Czech audiophile magazine Audiodrom featured the LessLoss DFPC Signature in a review appearing October, 2009. The article deals with ultimate performance power cables from a large selection of manufacturers.
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Stereo Times reviews the LessLoss DFPC Signature

September, 2009, author: Russell Lichter
"...the Signature is patently superior to the Original in every way. "

"I have never been less aware of the presence of loudspeakers with large-scale music.."

"I especially noted the tactile quality of the raspy bite of the brass, the fullness of the double basses, the clear sense of image depth. Turning up the bass tone control (if I had one) would not achieve these effects, which are not about quantity but quality."

"... it took me by surprise. And as I was in another room, I spun around to see if the window behind me was open and some guy was yelling in the back yard."
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6moons publishes a preview to their review of the LessLoss Firewall

July, 2009, author: Marja & Henk
"Compared to many other power conditioners, the Firewall is completely passive. There are no transformers with their own EM radiation, no coils or capacitors, not even a lone fuse tucked away inside that 16kg log. The entire workings of the Firewall are based on a further deployment of the ideas and techniques used for the DFPC, albeit in enhanced fashion. Because the Firewall is intended to deliver the cleanest possible power, one must first identify what to filter out of the AC delivery."

"Because this filter has basically no capacity limits, we set it up as the power distribution center for our washer, dryer, water fountain, refrigerator and freezer. That combination formed a nice power-sucking consortium active 24/7 with cyclical loads for the desired effects. Audio observations to come next..."
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AVRev reviews the LessLoss DFPC Original

June 2009, author: Roger Coakes
"After powering up the system, I was immediately taken aback. I would equate it to the first time I hooked up a proper DAC to a sound system..."

"I was rather shocked that my wife could even hear the difference, a gracious woman that sighs in desperation every time I pull her into the room to listen changes after replacing a piece of equipment."

"It's surprising to find cables of this caliber at such an inexpensive cost, compared to their competitors."

"I can easily recommend the LessLoss DFPCs as a necessary upgrade for any audiophile seeking more dynamic sound, preferably replacing the power cables for every audio component in their system."
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Dagogo.com review of the LessLoss Firewall

April 2009, author: Ed Momkus
"An incredible increase in body and weight without any loss of pace. I was totally surprised."

"All tonal ranges now have natural weight and body, and have great PRAT and speed."

"The Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks are very powerful high-current amps, but they never hiccupped or even burped when used with the Firewall. Their speed and slam remained, but they became richer and, in my opinion, more tonally accurate."

"The Firewall seems to allow the components plugged into it to render very a natural-sounding presentation. This is totally consistent with the sound I heard at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest when LessLoss teamed with Kaiser speakers, Mastersound 845 Monoblock tube amps, CEC transport and the LessLoss DAC 2004 to produce what I thought was the best sound of the show. Those of you that have several LessLoss DFPCs can expect the Firewall to multiply their effect and provide a very extended top- and bottom-end with extremely smooth frequency response and absolutely no glare."
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Bound for Sound reviews the Firewall

December 2008, Issue #190, author: Marty DeWulf
"Once broken-in, feel free to plug anything you want into it - it can take it. Power amps, once the bane of all power line conditioners can't faze it. The limiting factor in this instance is the wall itself."

"Whether I was using the Pass XA30.5 drawing over 200 watts continuously, or some monster class A mono amps, the Firewall was a non-limiting element. It's fair to say then that Liudas' goal of making a line filter that would in no way limit or reduce current from the wall was successful - hugely successful."

"I was shocked at what I heard. The impact of the Firewall on the Big Rig was greater than I had ever anticipated. Pulling it and going directly to the wall for power resulted in my system sounding as if it were in dual mono. The stage receded noticeably with center images becoming exceedingly narrow while lacking dimension. Where did the air go? There were huge holes in the soundstage, and what had sounded like a continuous spread of music from left to right, and front to back was all of a sudden distorted; almost lumpy in some places and empty of sound in others - the scale of one image to another was out of whack. In an odd sort of way, listening without the Firewall was almost like looking into one of those carnival mirrors that makes part of you look fat and other parts thin. It was obvious that the Firewall brought to the music substance and gravitas, a weight and density, especially in the lower mids and upper bass that had never been there before. At the same time, you've never heard the highs in your system until you've heard them with the Firewall in place. Cymbals and bells that were blurry or sshisshy without the LessLoss, came into superb focus with a nice sense of clarity and resilience."

"One thing that didn't change was the superb dynamic action of the system. Plugged into the wall only, the Big Rig had considerable pop and energy with good leading edges. This is the area where most AC line conditioners from other manufacturers fail, even if only by a little bit. Most conditioners soften edges and reduce dynamic differences, especially low level shading. The Firewall thankfully left in place the macro dynamic action and shading which Liudas put so much effort into preserving in the first place. Additionally, the Firewall improved on the micro dynamic graduations and energy contouring."
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