The DFPC Reference is one of the very best

June, 2014, author: Danny Worth, author: Danny Worth
"fantastic refinement, liquidity, presence and an overall natural presentation, which really made for an enjoyable listen."

"a core sound of liquidity, exceptional detail and a smoothness that allows for leading edges to imprint their note into a wonderfully dark soundstage that oozes musicality and presence."

"defining realism, organic flare and responsiveness to the transient nature of strength, dependent on how intensely each note is struck or blown."

"Decay just dissipates magically into the blackness where notes are still emerging from, retaining overall rhythm through smaller delicacies and nuances."

"so genuine sounding and focused it just draws the listener right in"

"the breath that was added with the DFPC References allowed the graceful notes to shine... well polished with no smear or masking of itself."

"violin had a quality that one would imagine the musician to almost be in the room. The overwhelming realism really was something special within the acoustic space of the performance."

"rhythmic qualities were very strong and natural, detail rendition and dynamics were effortlessly proportioned in a busy soundstage"

"A cleanliness took over ... which had a smoothness to its edges ... that allowed me to really turn up the volume and let her wail."

"natural presentation coupled with masses of detail retrieval, undeniable purity and smoothness just culminates in a soundstage which is enhanced with such musicality, grace and presence that they can only be described as one of the very best power cables I have had the pleasure of listening to."

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HiFi+ finds DFPC Reference consistently positive

April 2014, author: Nicholas Ripley
Issue #110

"I have been experimenting with the Devialet range recently, and I was about to admit defeat when it came to the phono stage. It is supposed to be whisper quiet, but it simply wasn't. I tried the LessLoss cable with the Devialet, and my dislike of the phono stage performance melted away. It was quiet, detailed, and deeply resolving."

"the sound appeared less 'forced'".

"[...made electronics sound] less 'electronicky', less 'obvious', and less fatiguing - all without the dynamic compromises I've typically heard from power filtration devices."

[On a variety of components] "the DFPC cable does something consistently positive."

"LessLoss is well worth checking out."
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6moons reviews the LessLoss DFPC Reference

April 2014, author: Marja & Henk
"We did not expect the punch these cords introduced in the lower midrange. The sound became more involving."

"Devialet's D-Premier: In this system the transformation was huge. The D-Premier underwent a complete transformation."

"The Devialet D-Premier's clear and detailed sound was still there, but at a higher level. Again the sense of control was better. It was as if the loudspeaker drivers were on tighter leashes held by the amplifier."

"Our final test was with all four DFPC Reference cables in action in our full analog setup. Again a noticeable change for the better."

"We have to say that the LessLoss DFPC Reference is completely true to its nomination. Once this cable is used in combination with a source, the complete system benefits more than a new piece of equipment will achieve."
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Hong Kong radio showcases DFPC Reference

March 2014, author: Steven Tam, et al
Hong Kong radio station DBC states that never before had they experienced such superlative sound quality from a power cord solution, and will be running a series of radio broadcasts showcasing their use of the DFPC Reference.

"I have vast experience listening to a variety of cables and this one is definitely unique."

"The DFPC Reference features a silent background and it portrays details very accurately."

"In a way, the sound quality of the DFPC Reference reminds me of EMM Labs products. In demanding complex passages, the sound never becomes congested."

"This is what I hear. First, this cable is well balanced. Second, it is very quiet. Third, the midrange is exceptionally detailed. It is not thinned out, not bloated, but just perfect. These are the outstanding features of this product."

"You used a speaker system, and I used headphones, and we are both in agreement regarding the character and performance of this product."

"Using the DFPC Reference with headphones for hours upon end, I experienced no listening fatigue. On the contrary: the more I listened, the more I was captivated by the sheer amount of pure detail and involvement."

"Based on their choice of the Oyaide 079 connector (not the most expensive one available), this manufacturer definitely bases its design decisions on direct listening tests, instead of using overly expensive connectors only to boost the price and perceived value of the cable. This is laudable."

"At this price point, it represents great value."

"I was so impressed by the performance of these two DFPC Reference power cords that I purchased them and am entirely happy to continue using them in my system."

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DFPC Reference is the new reference

March 2014, author: Russell Lichter
"Within literally seconds of powering up with the DFPCs, my skepticism was replaced with astonishment."

"They made more difference to the sound than any other electronics change I'd made over the years."

"...filters noise with absolutely no dynamic restriction."

"It is a very clever approach and does not, as far as I can figure, involve any audiophile hocus-pocus."

"The instruments and the space around them have a finer level of definition in terms of both physical dimension and sonority. They are simply more there, present and physically real."

"...impressive trove of additional nuance, additional clues about the piano, rendering it more real, more (that word again) present."

"The DFPC Reference cord clearly conveys more of that physicality, and hence more excitement and musical pleasure."

"There are additional sonic clues with the Reference cord, rendering the delicate sound of the vibrating glass with greater detail and a more radiant sense of presence. Simply gorgeous."

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference cords are the finest I've heard in this system."
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DFPC Reference deemed world class in Denmark

February 2014, author: Kurt Lassen
"The perceived spatial reproduction is world class."

"It's amazing how big a sound stage we get with this cable."

"The music is smooth as silk, and at the same time the lowest frequencies and soundstage are incredibly deep and beautiful, and extremely dynamic. You can play louder than usual, and without any listening fatigue."

"The whole band is completely detached from the speakers and almost slipping on and around the listener."

"The sound is almost making a party in front of the listener."

"You will notice that the music is now not only coming FROM the speakers, but fills the entire listening room. Impressive! Really impressive. And worth every penny!"

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference cable performs with a fantastic perspective and a deep and absolutely musical sound that is extremely beautiful and addictive. Silky smooth sound, paired with great dynamics and a wealth of details. It is the cheapest power cable in this test [includes Anzus Mainz POM, Nordost Frey2, Entreq's Apollo], but at the same time the one with the greatest "enjoyment factor" in terms of price. Buy it, it's simply amazing! World class!!"
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Mono and Stereo decorates the DFPC Reference with Editor Award

February, 2014, author: Matej Isak
"It is a pleasant surprise that the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cord offers both transparency and dynamic potency impressively. We're talking here not about jumping one or two steps upwards, but a whole flight of stairs in one step."

"In my numerous demonstrations, even to the most die-hard skeptics, the result of insertion of a DFPC power cable brought such an obvious shift in performance, that it changed their firm beliefs instantly."

"Louis Motek and the LessLoss team managed to bring both the DFPC Signature and Reference cables to the level where real Magic happens."

"The LessLoss Reference will add the authority of a higher order with everything even more in line. More right, more spot on and with more bloom that recalls a truly lifelike event."

"The new LessLoss DFPC Reference builds upon the established achievements of the DFPC Signature series with serious, undeniable impact. Inherited are the same basic advantages of the DFPC Signature while adding a new dimension of what I'd venture to call "dynamic simplicity." This type of performance allows originally recorded nuance to come through like never before."

"In my previous review of the DFPC Signature, I didn't award the cable with a dedicated title, and I always felt I should have done so. But this time I'm being assertive: the Mono & Stereo Editor Award goes to the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cable. Why? Because it clearly represents a new threshold for established performance norms and brings out a level of performance that you'll be hard pressed to find, either at this price range, or even at several multiples thereof."

"In summary: the LessLoss DFPC Reference is a power cable with three star features: its evolution is founded in logic (Skin-filtering), its implementation is carried out well (both attractive and flexible), and its price is in relation to actual results."

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High End News says DFPC Signature sets new standard

February 2014, author: Ari-Martti Pohtola
I did not believe that one could get that kind of sound just by using one measly power cable."

"Ordering the Signature power cable turned out to be one of the best moves I made during my 25 years of audiophile experience."

"I think it is the only power cable at this price level that combines all of these virtues within one solution: speed (as fast as Nordost, but at the same time more relaxed), a beautiful midrange (better than my old Siltechs), excellent top end (better than any other power cable I have tested) and as quiet as the best power cables I have tested."

"With the DFPC Signature you really achieve this synergy of smoothness, relaxedness, and even more vividness into the sound. Actually, not a hint of aggressiveness was noticed."

"From all of the combinations, the Signature connected directly to the wall gave the best sonic results."

"The DFPC Signature [direct to component] did remove even more noise, and the result was overall better resolution. The mid-band became very relaxed and pretty, the highs were the most natural I have heard with any other power cables, and gone was the aggressiveness some of the other 'fast' sounding power cables introduced to my system earlier."

"...exceptional products that really help the serious audiophile achieve the best their systems are capable of."
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HiFi Pig magazine recommends the DFPC Signature

January, 2014, author: Danny Worth
"The flexibility of the cable is fantastic."

"The upper registers had a quality of control that gripped me into the performance."

"Ambient harmonics and dynamics were great."

"The cable also seems to extract a certain magic from the ambiance of the recording, helping to give a natural nature and almost lifelike take on the music."

"The cleanliness, pace and kick of those upper bass registers were fantastic."

"Complexity of rhythm and structure is a key accomplishment of the LessLoss cables."

"The LessLoss DFPC Signature power cables have a sonic signature of ease and stability; they open a window to individual portions of the music yet still remain locked on to the performance as a whole. The midrange has a sense of liquidity, the upper frequencies are fleshed out and controlled, with good insight into a layered performance and there's good extension to the bass leaving me to conclude that these are indeed an extremely well accomplished cable."

"There is a wonderful sense of musicality as a whole and a great sense of connection to the music."

"The cables look and feel great, are very well made, and you do feel that pride of ownership when you have one in your hand."

"All in all I personally thoroughly enjoyed them and would recommend them for their natural ease of presentation, musical insight and build quality."

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Audio Excursions tests DFPC Signature with extreme headphone system

January, 2014, author: Austin Morrow
"The LessLoss DFPC power cables aren't warm, meaty, or colored in any way, shape or form. Nor are they bright, sterile, or top-heavy. In fact, they are extremely neutral and transparent."

"The LessLoss DFPC's were able to extract more detail and show the tiniest nuances in a recording, even through both the HE-500's and the LCD-2's."

"The lower octaves were tighter, more accurate, and had an extremely fast transient response. The midrange wasn't forward or laid back, but sat right in line with the rest of the frequency band, and had extreme clarity and fantastic vocality presence, but wasn't edgy in anyway whatsoever."

"The DFPC's were able to image very, very well."

"I felt like instrumental separation was simply unparalleled, and imaging was spot on."
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